Religious Sisters :

Daughters of Mary Convent Yonkers, NY

(From Left to Right)    Sr. Gracelet, D.M.     Sr. Joveena, D.M.    Sr. Anjaly Mathew, D.M.    Sr. Ashish, D.M.

45 Verona Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10710
United States

Pastoral Ministry (Apostolate)

        Proclamation of the Word of God through various apostolates is our charism. Among the various forms and dimensions of our apostolic ministry, house visiting enjoys a prominent role. Catechetical teaching, family prayer, music ministry, active involvement in various pious associations, preparation of children for the first Holy Communion, marriage preparation, adult sacramental education and visitation of the sick and suffering are the main parochial ministries our sisters involved in. Summer camps for children, annual retreats for youth and adults, preparation for the local and regional religious conventions, preparation for parish feasts, Christmas, and Easter, are also part of the activities of DM sisters. The congregation runs, orphanages, old age homes, palliative care centers, leprosy, TB and aids rehabilitation programs, primary, secondary and professional colleges, health care institutions, employment training centers, day- care centers, facilities for mentally and physically disabled persons.